Careers Education at SSPP…


Careers Leader:                Mr A Challenger


Phone:                                01522 871400


At SSPP pupils receive their careers guidance via our Aspire Days and Conscience Week programme. These are specifically designed as part of the Government’s plan to create a world class careers system that helps young people and adults to choose the career that is right for them.


Key Stage 3

– Pupils will use one of the UK’s most popular career guidance programmes called ‘Fast Tomato’ to provide them with personalised information regarding employment that would match their interests, attitudes and motivations. Parents can check it out at

– Pupils will engage in STEM days designed to challenge stereotypical thinking about career pathways.

– We will regularly host visits from potential future employers who will talk to our students about what they do and the type of people that they seek to employ


Key Stage 4

– Pupils will continue to use Fast Tomato to refine their potential career choices

– We work with Bishop Grosseteste and place selected pupils on their ‘First Steps 2 Study’ programme to expose them to Higher Education opportunities to ensure that they are aware of options for future study. Parents can see information about this programme here (include link)

– In year 10 students will undertake a full week of Work Experience with local employers


Key Stage 5

– Pupils will visit a variety of universities around the UK to help inform their choices regarding higher education opportunities

– We will continue to work with our higher education partner LincHigher to raise our students’ aspirations about their future education and employment pathways. Parents can see what they offer here

– Our students will work with our Performing Arts departments to develop their personal interview performance to give them the best chance at selection events


Our careers programme is continually monitored via a system of Pupil Voice questionnaires and interviews to ensure that it is tailored to our pupils’ needs. Alongside this we accurately track the pathways of our pupils once they leave ourselves to ascertain the impact of our programme in guiding our students towards.


Our careers guidance programme will be reviewed annually.