Photo of Mr Damien Keogh

Easter 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am always amazed at the amount of wonderful activities, opportunities and events that happen within our Academy and once again they are captured brilliantly in the Easter newsletter. Taking into account, the Newsletter is just a summary of what has been happening at St Peter and St Paul since January 2018 and it is clear that everybody has been exceptionally busy! I always write this message after our end of term Rewards and Recognition assembly. This took place on Monday 26th March and once again it was a wonderful celebration of the great work our students and staff do. Well done to all of the students who received prizes for their commitment and endeavour. Do enjoy reading all of our news!

This term had its disruption with the ‘Beast from the East’ forcing the Academy to close for three days. Thank you for your support and understanding during the adverse weather and for the staff and students who have worked exceptionally hard during the remainder of this term, to catch up on any learning that was missed during the closure.

The work to improve safeguarding of the Academy site is now complete with the vehicle and pedestrian gates fully operational and a new electronic visitor signing in system installed. If you need to visit the Academy site during the school day and are driving, please use the intercom at the entrance and the Reception staff will open the vehicle gate for you.

After Easter, we will once again see our Year 11, 12 and 13 students undertake their final preparations for their summer examinations. Year 10 students are also taking their GCSE English Language examination this summer. I encourage students and parents to look at the detailed examination information that our Exams Officer, Mrs Hobson, has put on to the Academy website.  It goes without saying that it is vitally important that all students with upcoming examinations dedicate a significant part of this Easter holiday period to preparation for the examinations, so that the best possible outcomes are achieved.  Once again, I do have to say a huge thank you to all the staff who are so dedicated to making sure that all of our students are given the best preparation and support possible to ensure every chance of success.

Please remember all of the students taking examinations this summer in your prayers.  We wish all of the students every success.

Thank you to all the parents who have continued to support the various Parental events so far this year. Your continued support and engagement is greatly appreciated, and vital for us to work together to support all of our students in the best way possible.

Mr D Keogh