Week 9

Thought of the Week Trust


All Saints

Tutor time plan and resources

Week 10

Thought of the Week LovePope Leo the Great


Tutor time plan and resources

Week 11

Thought of the Week GivingSaint Hugh of LincolnTutor time plan and resources






week 12

Thought of the week PatienceSaint CeciliaTutor time plan and resources




Week 13

Thought of the Week Christ the King


Saint Andrew Apostle

Tutor time plan and resources



Week 14 Saint Nicholas

Week 15 Saint Lucy

Week 16 Advent Reflection



Week 9

All Saints- Holy day of Obligation-Legacy

Personal Focus-Trust

Mark 10:46-52


Week 10

Whole school focus– Remembrance Service- Memories

Personal Focus -Love with all your heart

Mark 12:28-34


Week 11

Whole school focus- Hugh House Liturgy- the cost of kindness

Personal Focus – Giving

Mark 12:38-44


Week 12

whole School focus- Growth

Personal Focus- Patience

Mark 13:24-32


Week 13

Whole School focus- Respect

Personal Focus- Christ the King

John 18:33-37


Week 14/15 Scrapbook Week


Week 16

Advent Reflection

Christmas Market and Staff Nativity




Whole year overview of form focus 2018-2019