Week 17




Saint Raymond Of Penyafort

Tutor time plan and resources 2

This is a reminder that every time we enter our school or classroom we are asking for God

Epiphany Liturgy and School Blessing



Week 18



Saint Antony AbotTutor time plan and resources (2)







Week 19




Tutor time plan and resources






Week 20





StThomasAquinasTutor time plan and resources

Week 17

Whole School Focus- Independence

Personal Focus- Epiphany (Sunday the 6th) Going your own way

Matthew 2:1-12


Week 18

Whole School Focus- Belonging

Personal Focus- Initiation

Luke 3:15-16,21-22


Week 19

Whole School Focus- Hope

Personal Focus- Miracles-

John 2:1-11


Week 20

 Whole School Focus-Future

Personal Growth Focus-Reputation

Luke 1:1-4,4:14-21



Week 21/22 Scrapbook Week



 Living Stones- Term 3 Aspirations Objectives



Whole year overview of form focus 2018-2019