The aim of ‘Living Stones’ is:

To provide an opportunity for the whole school to make form time a more valuable and enjoyable experience; through discussion, group activities, projects and whole school projects; such as Operation Christmas Child.

Students have the opportunity to develop and explore a range of relevant topics to ensure that they have an ability to become self-aware and further develop their Spiritual self; also an understanding of the Catholic Ethos within the school and wider community.

Each term has a focus, through the year students will learn about

  • Community
  • Reflection
  • Aspirations
  • Renewal
  • Inspiration
  • Rights and Responsibilities

“Every child and every tutor is different, every group different, every family different.  As Deming so intimated, variation is everywhere, which is why we should do more to appreciate both its complexities and its management.  If we over-organize tutor time into delivering pro-social programs or instruction, which is command and control organizations do, and demand that tutors account for every minute of time, this becomes waste of high order created in the name of order”. (Peter A Barnard)