The Modern Foreign Languages Department is an enthusiastic and hard-working department in which standards and expectations are of the highest level.  We are committed to using God’s gift of language to promote understanding, respect, tolerance, creativity and self-confidence.  We encourage and support all students to aim high and aspire to achieve their best. Our vision is to inspire a love of language and to give our young people new and different experiences of their world.

The Curriculum

All students in Year 7 study French and continue with French through to the end of Key Stage 3.  In Years 8 and 9, students study a second language which currently alternates between German and Spanish.  Pupils follow the Studio course in French,Viva in Spanish and the FCSE Programme in German.  Teaching and Learning is enhanced by the use of a wide range of resources promoting a variety of experiences to acquire and consolidate language skills including interactive whiteboards in every classroom and a Televic Language Laboratory.

At Key Stage 4, the Option system enables students to study French and German or Spanish to GCSE Level.  Pupils follow the AQA GCSE syllabus and are each provided with an AQA GCSE textbook which has been written specifically for this programme of study.  Students who have GCSE Level skills in other Community Languages have the opportunity to take a GCSE examination in that language at any time in Key Stage 3 or 4.

French and German and Spanish are offered at AS and A2 Level.  Classes are small and therefore able to meet the needs of each student.  Students follow the AQA A Level syllabus and are each provided with an AQA textbook which has been written for this programme of study.  In addition, students are able to access Kerboodle which is an online personalised learning service, providing a wide range of interactive listening and reading exercises designed to assist students with their independent study.


Mrs L Flintham – Subject Leader

Mrs C O’Connell

Mrs J Ryland