The RE Department is fully staffed with Catholic teachers dedicated to providing the highest standards of education for the young people in our care.  We work with our pupils to provide active and engaging learning opportunities and experiences to enrich their lives.  We take great pride in our pilgrimage with each individual through their personal development and spiritual growth.

The Curriculum

At Key Stage 3 all pupils engage in a thematic approach to the ICONS Roman Catholic programme of study. Pupils are challenged to explore and analyse the big questions in religion and life: Who are we?  Why are we here?  Is there a life after death?  What is important to me?  How should we live together?  How do other people see the world?

At Key Stage 4 all pupils receive their entitlement to study for the GCSE in Religious Education. We prepare the pupils for the WJEC Religious Studies Specification A (Roman Catholic 1 and 2). This gives them the opportunity to examine and scrutinise key aspects and beliefs of Catholic and Christian faith.

At Key Stage 5, the Department offers a very successful and popular AS and A2 course in Philosophy and Ethics for which students can opt.  A Level 2/3 Core RE course runs for one hour each week for all others. Both courses use logical arguments and analysis to explore the possible existence of God and the frameworks used by people to establish what is morally acceptable or not.


Mrs Levey

Mrs Shinn

Mr Georgiou