The Science Department is housed in five laboratories together with a preparation room and student work area, but we are not limited to just the buildings. The Department is staffed by a full complement of teachers with specialisms in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Forensic Science.  We are a committed team with a progressive and caring attitude.  We are all extremely passionate about our subject and share this enthusiasm at every opportunity.

The Curriculum

The first two years of Science are taught as a combined subject following the AQA Specification.  Groups are set from Year 7 and each class follows the same scheme of work, completing 6 topics in each year. Topics are from each of the 3 scientific disciplines, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The course is designed to engage and enthuse students, through the use of practical science, problem solving and extra-curricular activities and visits.

We offer two pathways at Key Stage 4 during Years 9 to 11, each tailored to pupils’ needs.  These are the separate GCSE Sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, or Trilogy Science. All GCSEs are accredited by AQA.

Specialist teachers teach all subjects, typically over five hour sessions per week during Year 12 and over five hour sessions during Year 13.  The subjects on offer are AS and A2 Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  We also offer the very popular BTEC Forensic Science at Level 3, enabling students to achieve half, one and two GCE equivalencies depending upon the depth they wish to study.   All GCEs are accredited by OCR and the BTEC qualifications are accredited by Pearson.

Psychology is also available at Key Stage 5 and proves to be one of the most popular Sixth Form subjects with many students choosing to study it further at University level. For many students, it is a ‘new’ subject and the syllabus covers a wide range of fascinating and topical issues. Students normally have four hours teaching during the week and cover a broad range of topics including how to carry out a basic psychological enquiry. Students explore why we behave differently in the presence of others, how and why we remember and forget things, discuss possible explanations for aggressive or unusual behaviour and consider conditions such as Autism.  The Psychology GCE is accredited by AQA.

Further information on all courses is available from the Science Department.


Mrs Brumpton – Subject Leader

Mrs Lewis

Mr Bishell

Miss Coles